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The Righteous shall flourish like the palm tree.

Psalm 92:12


Recent News

We hope this finds you well and walking in the victory that Jesus died and paid for you to have!

We have a few updates on what’s happening through DePoy Ministries and we’d love to share them with you!

Brick Kiln Rescue

As you know, DePoy Ministries has set our faith on freeing 12 Christian Families from modern-day slavery in Asia – one family per month!

WIthin the past week, family #6 has been set FREE thanks to the friends and partners of DePoy Ministries!  This particular family was rescued in full by Pastors Mark & Cheryl Roberson and the members and partners of Faith Word Fellowship International!  Check out their STORY HERE!  That’s 6 families FREE with 6 more to go!  If you’d like to help rescue a Christian Family out of generational slavery, learn more and donate HERE.

Rick Rachky Scholarship

We’ve expanded the scholarship to now include elementary-aged students in Nicaragua so they can attend a higher caliber private school with much better education.  For only $60 USD a year, we can provide tuition, uniform, backpack, supplies, food and fees for 1 student.  $60 a year!!  Perhaps you’d like to consider covering the cost for a student for a year?  A student for 5 years?  Their full 12 year education?  Learn more and donate HERE.  The recipient of our full-ride scholarship in Nicaragua, Flor, is doing well in her 3rd year of school and continues to excel in all of her subjects and get excellent grades!  We hope to provide a video update on her journey soon. 


Jason is headed back to Nicaragua!!  We all know that COVID slowed down international travel but the Word of the Lord supersedes what’s going on in the world.  Jason received the Word from God, “I want you to have an ongoing presence in Nicaragua” and so that’s what we do….despite what’s going on. Jason is scheduled to leave at the end of September and will be there for a week.  We would appreciate you praying for safety, favor, effectiveness, and for God’s Will to be fully and entirely fulfilled.  If you’d like to help send Jason, you can support this trip by donating HERE.

We appreciate each of you and lift you up in prayer continually.  You remain on our hearts and we stand in faith with you for your victory in every area of your lives.  The times we’re living in are different than what we’re used to however that doesn’t nullify what God is doing.  He is doing great things!  Keep believing that.  Keep expecting that and watch Him come through for you!

All for Jesus,

Jason & Pam DePoy


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