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The Righteous shall flourish like the palm tree.

Psalm 92:12

The Next Family DMI Will Set FREE!

This year we will free 12 Christian Families from modern-day slavery in Asia – one family per month!

This is the next family we are focusing on freeing.  Only $2,100 to pay off their debt, set them free, enroll the kids in school, help them start a business, and give them a NEW LIFE!!
Will you prayerfully consider helping to set them free by donating today?

Here’s their story…..

This is “F”. He is 51 years old. His 47-year-old wife is “S”.
They have 6 children: “Y” 20, “M” 19, “A” 17, “S” 13, “A” 11, and “A” 7 years old.
Their oldest son “Y” recently passed away in a car accident.

“F” was born at the brick kiln. When he grew up he learned to be an electrician. He has always lived at the kiln.

In 1998, he and “S” got married.

Once his parents passed away in 2002 he was left with their debt, RS 331,600 ($2,100). This is when “F” and his family became slaves.

About a month ago, the kiln manager’s brother demands to spend a few nights with his daughter. The kiln owner will lower the debt by RS 50,000.

“F” approached the brother, “K”, and got into a fight with him. “F” was injured in the fight.

Once they are free “F” will work in the rice and wheat fields. He will also unload vegetables at the market.

“F” debt payoff is Rs. 267,000 which is approximately $1,750.

$300 (RS 40,000) more is needed for:

Relocation, food, household items and to launch a small business.

Plus a $50 wire fee.

Only $2,100 to end this generational slavery and give “F” and his family a new life!