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The Righteous shall flourish like the palm tree.

Psalm 92:12

Brick Kiln Slavery UPDATE!!

Family #6 of 2021 IS FREE!!

THANKS to Pastors Mark & Cheryl Roberson and Faith Word Fellowship Int’l for their partnership to set this family FREE!

The year 2021 is going to be a YEAR OF IMPACT!!

We have on our heart to help free 12 Christian Families from modern-day slavery in Asia – one family per month!

This is Family #6 of 2021 and THEY ARE FREE!

Rescue Report from our Faithful Men on the Ground:

This is “B”. He is 30 years old. His 28-year-old wife is “M”.  They have 4 children, “J” age 9, “R” age 7, “E” Age 5, and “J” age 2 months old.

“B” and “M” were married and lived a very happy life before the kiln.  “B” became a Christian. The factory he worked at fired him because he was a Christian. He tried to get another job but no one would hire him. He looked for 6 months and found nothing. In order to feed his family, “B” took credits from the local market. At the end of the 6 months, he owed RS 65,000 ($390).  

When he went to the market on the 7th month the store owner refused any more credit. He also wanted his money with interest soon. “B” decided to take a kiln loan to pay back the grocery debt. This was 7 years ago. Before “E” was born, “M” became very sick. She was admitted to the hospital for treatment and this added RS 40,000 ($245) to their loan.

Being a Christian in the kiln, “B” and his family have faced persecution. They want them to become Muslim. The kiln owner also yelled at “B” for not making enough bricks.

Now that they are free “B” will start a small business. The children will attend school. His debt payoff was RS 190,000 which is approximately $1,155 and RS 111,000 ($685) was added for Relocation, food, household items and to launch a small business.

This family’s freedom was only $1,840.